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Paperback with
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design & layout

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Richard Brautigan, Hefnd Grasflatarinnar (Partus, 2018). Translated from the English by Þórðar Sævars Jónssonar. 208-page paperback with French flaps and anti-scratch matt laminaiton. Section-sewn. Printed lithographically. 220 x 139 mm.

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Cover Design

Richard Brautigan is one of the great American short story writers of the twentieth century. This selection of his stories is translated into Icelandic by Þórðar Sævars Jónssonar. The title (Revenge of the Lawn) is borrowed from a story in which a man sets fire to a tree. The open matchbox is a nod towards this totemic image. On the back cover, the same matchbox is full of spent matches. The design adapts a photograph by Noel Shiveley.

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Page Design