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Pamphlets with
design and layout

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Meðgönguljóð poetry series, published by Partus, various authors and dates. 28-page saddle-stitched booklets with dustjackets, combining digital and lithographic print. 140 x 200 mm.

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Cover Design

Meðgönguljóð (literally ‘takeaway poetry’) is a legendary Icelandic pamphlet series edited by Vala Thorodds and Kári Tulinius from 2012 to 2018. Over the course of seven years and thirty-three pamphlets, a new generation of Icelandic poets emerged. The design changed over the years, but it remained minimal and classical in feel. The inners, cover and jacket are all printed on the same uncoated stock in different weights, and Caslon is used for most of the text. On the back of the jacket there are a few lines excerpted from the poems. The original series designer, whose spec was the basis for a number of redesigns over the years, is Haukur Pálsson. The artwork on the pamphlet shown above is by Owen Gent.

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Page Design