Studio Lamont

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Studio Lamont creates publications that read well, look good, and succeed. We help people to edit, design, typeset, and produce printed objects.

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We have twelve years’ experience working in-house for award-winning publishers, helping writers to express themselves with greater clarity. We copy-edit and proofread all kinds of work, from volumes of fiction and non-fiction to textbooks, reports, catalogues, and magazines. We hold degrees in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and the University of Oxford and have lectured on writing and editing at the Universities of Oxford, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

We manage the specification and production process from start to finish, working directly with paper merchants, printers, and transporters to source materials, produce the publications, and deliver the result. We work closely with dozens of printers across Europe, selecting the right printer for the right job. Handling both the design and the production allows us to produce publications that look and feel of-a-piece.