Studio Lamont



The studio has over a decade of experience typesetting for leading publishers and periodicals. We’ve set everything from collections of poetry to economic reports, from hardback tomes to slim brochures and even the odd eBook. We work in Adobe InDesign, the industry-standard software, to handle typesetting all the way from consultation to press-ready PDF.

We believe good typesetting is a fine art. The printed page is the gateway through which the reader accesses the writer’s mind, so it is vital that the presentation of those ideas clarifies and expediates their comprehension rather than impeding it. Bad typography is as problematic as bad grammar: it degrades trust between reader and writer, introduces confusion, and frustrates enjoyment.

A well-typeset page is an accurate map of the writer’s mind. Its reader feels alert and comfortable because the writer’s thoughts and the relationships between those thoughts have been sympathetically understood by the typographer and then sensitively interpreted.